Reducing the Gap Between Science and Public Opinion

The symposium plenary session will explore the gap between fisheries science and the opinions of the angling public. While public opinion is often based on knowledge of the latest fisheries science, that is not always the case, placing management decisions in the gap between science and the desires of anglers. The plenary speakers will discuss ways to reduce that gap, from scientific, management, and conservation perspectives.

In addition to the plenary session that will explore the theme of the meeting, the following topics are of particular interest to the organizing committee and may be developed as entire sessions, given sufficient interest. We especially encourage submissions on the first two topics, to further the discussion of ideas presented by the plenary speakers. However, presentations on all aspects of wild trout research, management, conservation, education, and recreation are welcome and will be considered in the call for papers.

Proposed session topics:

Authors are asked to consult the Publication FAQ for guidelines for abstract, poster, and manuscript preparation.

For additional information and inquiries - Contact the Program Committee Co-chairs below

Dave Kazyak
USGS Eastern Ecological Science Center
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Rob Van Kirk
Henry's Fork Foundation
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